In short

This is me.

So my name is Patrik Åkerlund and I’m a 39 years old designer from Karlskrona, in the south of Sweden.

Except that i love UX/UI and Web design. I really like summoning ideas and solutions for businesses that want to be perceived in a specific way.

I also have a passion for music. I played in several bands over the years as a guitarist. Two of whom i founded; The Humble Captain and KRÄK.

When i’m not noodling on the guitar or designing websites, i hang out with my family. I got twin-boys Adrian and Edvin 👶👶 that takes up every second of my free time, and i love it!

So what is Webou?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

I had this web design agency called Webou. Then me and some friends started a e-commerce consultant company, with focus on UX and A/B-testing. But now i’m perking the nine-to-five-life over at C56. Thus has Webou become my place of stuff i put on the internet.