My Goal

Is to make the web a better experiences, for all.

Im also practising being a design leader over at Compani 56.

Are you experienced

i've been in the design business for 20+ years, and I’m still in love. ❤️‍🩹

I started out as a graphic designer and evolved over the decades to become a Senior digital designer and a design leader. Although I’m still and always learning, now i’m heavly into reading and absorbing about the business side of things. Books like the win without pitching manifesto is pretty damn cool…

Never mind

The Bollocks

Here’s The

This i've learned.

First of all I really like people and am genuinely interested in learning from them, about them and their business. That’s when I learn new things. So when i’m in a meeting i really try to listen  intensely to see if i can pin point and solve the clients problem.


Languages i dabble in

Proof n' stuff