KRÄK – Debut album – ”Mad Romance”

KRÄK – Debut album – ”Mad Romance”

Production of vinyl for the rock band KRÄK.

A rock hard and complete production of the vinyl record ”Mad Romance”. Here i did both mixing, mastering and all graphic production! KRÄK is a rock band from Blekinge, Karlskrona, who lays down some heavy hard rock.

Vinyl cover

KRÄK - Mad Romance Vinylrecord cover

Vinyl cover back

Back with song titles and photos (By Sverker Berggren) of the musicians in KRÄK.

KRÄK - Mad Romance - Record back

Vinyl sheet

In the vinyl case is also a sheet, one side with photos on the band and the other side with song and some curios text.

KRÄK Vinylark

Mixing and Mastering

The music is recorded and produced in Green Valley Studios in Nättraby during 2016-2017. Everything is Mixed and mastered in Pro Tools and cubase for both CD and Vinyl production.

Listen and follow KRÄK on spotify below: