T.H.C – Music Video – ”Monster”

T.H.C – Music Video – ”Monster”

T.H.C – The Humble Captain

Here i made a all time low (cost) music video. Recorded with a Nikon D5000 camera and a 40mm NIKKOR Micro lens. Really basic child stuff and really bad acting (me included) and awfully shot and edited.

But it was fun and the music is pretty nice, even doh i knew nothing about mixing and mastering… 😉

Theme of the song

The theme of the song is like a mix of horror movies with some humor. You can see in the video that i’ve put in some cult movie clips… Like one of my all time favorite Evil Dead… 😈

The music video

This was suppost to be released on Halloween, but we didn’t have the time to finish everything until in December, finaly.

The Humble Captain (T.H.C) was:

  • Fredrik Bogren (Vocals/Bass)
  • Patrik Åkerlund (Guitar)
  • Fredrik Paulsson (Guitar)
  • Henrik Odehammar

Rip. † 2013

But you can go over to facebook and send us a message if you like. Tho no one will probably answer…


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